Tips on Buying the Best Shallow Well Pump for Your Well

A shallow well pump pushes out water using a pipe or pipes. The pump is suitable when the vertical distance is 25 feet or less water depth. Some pumps rest on the ground and prove useful in supplying fresh water to cabins, farms, and rural homes.

The domestic water pump is easy and fast to install. With little knowledge and know-how, a homeowner can install the well pump with minimal difficulty.

Features of a Good Shallow Well Pump

A suitable pump should meet certain traits. The features to look out for the best well pump include being suitable for less than 25 feet, being light in weight and offering superior performance. It should exhibit incredible water and corrosion resistance. One with a dust-free cover ensures adequate protection of electrical components from insects and dust.

Other features of a good above-the-ground well pump include being built to last, highly reliable, thermal protection, and high water supply. Find one that can be used to pump drinking water. Self-priming is also a good characteristic in a shallow pump because operation and maintenance is low compared to priming a well pump. Availability of a warranty is also a feature to look for when buying the best water pump.

pumpforshallowwellTypes & Features of Different Shallow Pumps

The shallow well jet pump is the most common and consists of three main components. They include a jet assembly, impeller and electric motor. The pump can be self-priming and fiberglass reinforced. In addition, the pump can have a pressure switch to control pump pressure.

The jet pump is relatively cheap and can be used in small diameter wells. This pump can be used in wells of varying yields. It is mechanically simple and can be offset from the wall. It works by suction thus atmospheric pressure pushes water out of a well.

A submersible pump is among the types of shallow well pumps. It can be used to draw water from shallow wells. This pump features high life expectancy and reliability.

The pump prevents pump cavitation and it is more efficient than jet pumps in regards to delivering more water. The submersible pumps push fluid while the jet pump pulls fluids. They can be used in deep water wells as well.

Centrifugal pumps are also commonly used in water table wells. The pressure of a centrifugal pump is low thus it can be used when low pressures and high volumes are required.

The modified version of a shallow pump is the convertible pump. Its jet ejector is located outside rather than inside. This pump can be converted to work as a deep well jet pump.

littlegiantpumpBest Brands Available

Numerous brands manufacture shallow well pumps in different styles, designs, and capabilities. Some of the brands include Grundfos, Little Giant, Amstrong Dayton, Flotec, Myers, and Goulds. Information about the various brands can be found from various sources.

The resources can include the Internet and relevant magazines. Remember, even the best brands can differ in quality. Some may offer better quality when compared to others.

  1. Research the information provided by each brand regarding the shallow pumps.
  2.  Make side-by-side comparisons of their pumps to find desirable features of the best brand.
  3. List some of the good qualities to look for in a brand. Good brands should possess characteristics such as being trustworthy, reputable, popular, accessible, customer-centric, valuable, and relevant.
  4. Enquire about accessories for the shallow pump. Some parts and accessories may not be readily available when needed. Accessories can include tubing, valves, pressure tanks, pressure gauges and level switches.

Considerations When Selecting A Shallow Pump

Selection of the pump can depend on diameter of the well. Check the supply line sizes, suction discharge and well casing. The casing should be large enough to accept supply lines for maximum performance.

The amount of water required can also impact on the selection decision. If the household uses a lot of water, the pump to buy should be able to pump the water required hourly. Know the water source depth to have the right information to give to the supplies.

Estimate the cost of the pump and contact a supplier who deals with pumps for a shallow well. The supplier should provide a strong warranty from the brand manufacturer.