Do You Need a Deep or Shallow Well Hand Pump?

Those want to get water from a well but they do not have the right tools, try all they want, but they will not get a single drop. This simply is not good enough for something as intrinsically precious as water. This problem can be rectified by using a deep or a shallow well hand pump that allows water to become accessible without too much hassle.

How to Measure the Depth of a Well?

For deep and shallow wells, measuring the depth of the well can be difficult because the bottom is not visible. However, when buying a hand well pump, knowing the depth of the well is necessary. The depth of the well helps determine whether a deep or shallow well hand pump will be used. Luckily, there is a ‘string and weight method’ that can be used to determine a well’s depth in a couple of minutes.

Items Needed:

  • Fishing weight
  • Ordinary string
  • Tape measure


  1. handwellpumpDrop the string with a heavy but small fishing weight tied at its end into the well casing. Keep lowering it until it touches the bottom.
  2. Mark the string at ground level using a waterproof marker by taking up the slack.
  3. Pull the string out, while paying attention to the spot where it will be wet. Mark that spot with the marker. Measure the bottom of the weight up to the ground level mark. This is depth of the well.

Shallow Well Hand Pump

A self-contained shallow well hand pump is used when the depth of the water level in the well is less than 22 feet down. A shallow hand well water pump is easy to install and is quite inexpensive.

Using a shallow hand pump, water can be pulled from a well at just about any horizontal distance, as long as one of depth is added to the water for each 50 feet of horizontal pipe distance. Also 1 inch of pipe depth should be added for each 1000 inch of elevation.

Deep Well Hand Pump

deepwellhandpumpA deep well hand pump is used when the depth of the water level in the well is less than 350 feet down. Four basic components are need for raising water from these depths using a deep well hand water pump. The pump head provides the pumping action. The cylinder provides the lift.

The drop pipe is extended to the cylinder and the pump runs inside the drop pipe to the cylinder, providing the linkage through which pumping action is transferred to the cylinder.

Benefits of Using Shallow or Deep Well Hand Pumps

PVC plastic is used to make the parts, so its parts do not corrode or rust. This means that less maintenance is required and they are less likely to break down during use. These pumps maintain a strong durability while are easy to transport because of their extreme light weight. Over time, electric pumps are more likely to break down.

Thus, those who need to get water from their well without any hassle simply need to figure out the depth of their well and install a deep well or a shallow well hand pump accordingly.

Some good online suppliers of hand pumps are Bison Pumps and Apex International.