Shallow vs Submersible Well Pump

Well pumps are one of the most common necessities today. They are available in many different types, but their requirement varies. The two important kinds of well pumps are the shallow and the submersible well pump. Both the well pumps have similar uses, but the conditions in which they work differ. Let’s see both of them in detail and discuss which one is more suited for your use.

Submersible Well Pump:

submersibledeepwellpumpThe submersible pump design is hermetically sealed motors which are close-coupled with the pumps body. This entire body here is submerged in to the water, hence the name. These pumps are made of water-resistant material; hence they have a longer life. These pumps are used generally when there is huge amount of water that has to be pumped out. The capacity of these pumps is high; hence they can pump a large amount of water in a shorter time.

Another main advantage of these pumps is their working mechanism. Unlike all other pumps, this pump pushes water upwards or outwards, whereas all other pumps pull water towards them and then lets it flow ahead. This increases the efficiency of the water pumping. They can be used in deep wells, or large underground tanks to pump water upwards in huge commercial or residential complexes.

Shallow Well Pump:

shallowwelljetpumpThe Shallow well pumps are water pumps, but there do not actually come in contact with water. They have a very powerful suction pump running on a powerful motor. Due to this it can pull water and let it flow. The pumping speed is relatively slow but it is still very efficient for smaller uses. They are made of alloyed materials and hence have a longer working life.

These pumps are used most of the times. They are cheaper and their applications are many. They can be used on farms for irrigation purposes; else they can be used in small bungalows for pumping water or in basements for pumping out flood water as well.

Shallow and Submersible pumps pros and cons:

  • The submersible pumps are more expensive than the shallow pumps.
  • The shallow pumps have lesser pumping capacity than a submersible well pump.
  • The submersible pumps have a different working mechanism and applications; hence using it in small applications is a waste of money.
  • The submersible pumps need to be submerged inside the water. So if you have small tanks, or shallow wells, in that case the submersible pumps will be of absolutely no use.
  • The maintenance of submersible pumps is a bit difficult, but they are very long-lasting and low maintenance ones, so that is not much of an issue. But in case the pump breaks down, that can create problems.

This is all the information available about both the pumps. So the pumps whichever are required, it is recommended to do a proper study before buying the pump according to the requirements. A submersible well pump costs between $300 – $500. The shallow pumps cost around $150 – $300. The materials and the applications along with other specifications too differ, so it is advised to make a proper decision.